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What is a family Handbook

A Family Handbook is a set of written documents customized for your family that identifies and memorializes:

• Family Core Values
• Family Mission Statement
• Family Members’ Strengths and Unique Characteristics
• Family Expectations
• Family Media Agreements
• Family Constitution
• Family Bylaws
• Blessings to Your Children
• Important Family Legacy Ideals

Most successful business owners create documents and handbooks for their employees to properly document expectations and policies for everyone involved in the company, Intentional Parents Around The World are beginning to recognize the value of having a written handbook for their families.

A Family Handbook is not a set of rules but rather a set of individual documents customized for you to serve as a guide for your family.
Most companies have Mission Statements.
Why doesn't your family have one? Get yours in Your Family Handbook

Most CEOs begin their businesses with a set of written Core Values.
Core Values Statements serve as a basis for how the company leadership makes decisions.
Do you have a Family Core Values Statement?
How about a Family Constitution? Do you have a written letter for your family members that establishes the key directions for your family? You will soon enough.
Create your very own customized Family Handbook today!

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